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A history of an ancient civilization etched in stone:

Neither "Aztec," because it did not come from AZTLAN, nor a "calendar," because it was not designed to tell the date, this great monolithic sculpture is probably the greatest "history book" of the Americas. It is the book of TONATIUH, the sun, and the Mexica who gave the name to the land still called MEXICO today. Some 12 feet in diameter and 24 tons in weight, this great sculpture is the center of attraction today in the Museo de Anthropología e Historia in Chapultepec Park outside of Mexico City.

Only recently deciphered, our great history book tells, in part, the history of the four great disasters which caused the migrations of the Native Americans who would ultimately build the great TENOCHTITLAN (Mexico City, Today). The group had been forced to migrate from their "Happy Hunting Grounds" in the North to the colorful lands of the NAHUATL (Four Waters) in what is now Utah in the U.S.A. then south to the CHICOMOSTOC (Seven Entrances), thence to AZTLAN (Land of Egrets) and finally to the valley where they found the eagle and the serpent and founded TENOCHTITLAN.

This stone is the American discovery of the 20th Century! Its interpretation plus corroborating evidence found by Dr. Orozco in Utah in 1990 and 1991 shed needed light on our Native American ancestry.

About Dr. Cecilio Orozco, the "SUN STONE" scholar:

Dr. Cecilio Orozco of California State University, Fresno, is a leading authority on the "AZTEC CALENDAR" or "SUN STONE" and his research on this topic has led him to the discovery of the origin of the Aztec-Mexica civilization in Utah. His work is based on the writings of Lic. Alfonso Rivas-Salmón of the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara in Jalisco, México.

He has studied the work of Licenciado Rivas Salmón of Mexico since 1969. Dr. Orozco has lectured on the ideas and theories of his colleague and friend in the United States and Mexico. Following his mentor's directions and work he was able to, in 1990, discover the origins of the AZTECA/MEXICA civilizations in Utah. The NAHUATL (four waters) in HUEHUETLAPALLAN (place of many colors) has its center in Utah where the Green River, the Colorado, and the San Juan meet to go through the Grand Canyon.

Born in the United States, Dr. Orozco grew up in Mexico. He studied in both countries and holds a B.S. and M.A. from Northern Arizona University and a Ph.D., from the University of New Mexico in Alburquerque. Since 1969 he has , under the leadership of his mentor in Mexico, searched for the origins of his Native American Ancestors. His work concentrates on the great migrations and origin of the AZTEC-MEXICA people.

Besides his travels throughout the American Southwest, he has visited Alaska and lived in the Navajo-Hopi reservations in Northern Arizona for extended periods of time, teaching, counseling, as well as principal of the Tuba City High School.

The importance of teaching all Americans about the greatness of the ancient Native Americans, his ancestors, is the central motive in his work.

About Dr. Cecilio Orozco's research:

In 1980, after 21 years of study, Dr. Orozco discovered the origins of the ancestors of the AZTEC-MEXICA groups in the colorful (colorado) lands of Utah. In 1990 he was able to verify mathematical formulas on pictographs in Utah which date from times long before Christ and which were used in the development of the calendars of the Aztec-Mexica civilizations as well as the Maya world (TONALAMATL, TZOLKIN).

In 1991, Dr. Orozco discovered most fasinating evidence of the existence of a direct relationship between KUKULKAN, god of the Mayas, QUETZALCOATL, deity of the AZTEC-MEXICA, and the PHOENIX BIRD of the EGYPTIANS.

Dr. Orozco has authored several articles, including in Mexico City newspapers, and has been the object of many articles about his discoveries. He has written a book, THE BOOK OF THE SUN: TONATIUH, 1992, where he describes his research, and explains the origins and cultural-historical significance of the ancient SUN STONE.

Dr. Orozco provides one and a half to three hours audio-visual lecture/seminars on request. His lectures are designed to help the participants learn to read the SUN STONE ("AZTEC CALENDAR") and to logically trace the four migrations of the MEXICA prior to their arrival in what is now TENOCHTITLAN (Mexico City). The presentation is intended as a most entertaining way to demonstrate beautiful images from the ancient American civilizations. It is recommended as a "College Hour" or student assembly and its great for all groups. The highly complex HUEHUETLPALLAN (NAHUATL) observatories and how they worked and how the data was recorded provide great pride in our Native American ancestors. Dr. Orozco conducts his seminars and presentations in English or Spanish.

The one hour course is an ideal way to obtain in-depth knowledge of the mathematical genius of Native Americans who worked in observatories dated 500BC and before. Students will also learn to use the MAYA and MEXICA 260-day calendars.

Dr. Gerry Rodriguez, a psychotherapist from California attended one of Dr. Orozco's archeological field trips. On a newspaper column she recently wrote, she eloquently recounts her experience and the valuable knowledge she gained while visiting the various magnificent AZTECA-MEXICA archeological sites in Green River, Utah with Dr. Orozco.

Roberto Rodriguez, a syndicated journalist, notes that the 1847 Disturnell Map incontrovertibly proves that rather than being foreigners, Mexicans (and Central Americans, who were also Nahuatl-speaking peoples) are indigenous to Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. It also corroborates the oral traditions of Hopi, Pueblo and Lakota Indian elders -- that Nahuatl-speaking peoples are their relatives.
Monty Montanye, a journalist from Fresno, California interviewed Dr. Orozco concerning his archeological expeditions and discoveries in central Utah.
Also see an interview with Dr. Orozco conducted by ,

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