Please be advised that effective, September 1, 2000, LaRed Latina of the Intermountain Southwest will no longer accept or solicit commercial advertising. Starting on this date, we will only accept financial sponsorship, and contributions from private and public corporations, foundations, and individuals interested in keeping the LaRed Latina WWW Network Online.

At this time, LaRed Latina provides a free service to a vast audience that includes well over 3 million people in the Intermountain Area, as well as another 4 to 5 million Hispanics in the West Coast, Southwest, and Midwest regions of the country.

Over 150,000 readers visited our site in 2001. Visitorship is expected to more than double to 350,000 in the year 2003. The LaRed Latina audience represents a highly educated and prosperous sector of the Hispanic community. Over 80 percent of our visitors hold college degrees, and their median annual family income is in excess of $60,000.00.

Due to tremendous popular demand, we have plans to expand the LaRed Latina WWW Network from a regional to a national network, which will include major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio/Austin, New York, Miami, and San Francisco.

In order to establish a bonafide Latino/Hispanic Cyber-Global Community, we also have plans to add state of the art internet electronic forums such as chat rooms, message boards, and listserv networks to our website. These new internet services will allow LaRed Latina visitors and subscribers to communicate interactively regardless of geographical location.

LaRed Latina is poised to become one of the major and most important Hispanic/Latino/Chicano Internet/WWW Networks in America. With your support, and contributions you can help us realize this DREAM in Cyber-America.

Please find below a directory of current corporate sponsors and contributors. If you would like to make a pledge to help us fulfill our CyberVision in America, please contact me Roberto Vazquez, CEO, LaRed Latina Net, via e-mail at, or kindly press the Donation button below.

We appreciate your interest and support, and look forward to hearing from you.

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