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"LARED LATINA" Vision Statement:

LaRed Latina, (Latin Network) was established in the Spring of 1996, as a World Wide Web Forum, for the purpose of disseminating socio-political, cultural, educational, and economic information about Latinos in the Albuquerque/Santa Fe Metro area and the Intermountain Region which includes Metropolitan Areas such as the Salt Lake City /Ogden region, Denver, Phoenix, Tucson , El Paso, Texas, and Las Vegas , The Latino community in this geographic region numbers well over 5 million.

The Internet/WWW, provides an "exciting new high-tech frontier for Latinos in the Intermountain Region to communicate with each other on important social and political issues." By increasing this flow of communication and interaction, we contend that these communities will be able to identify issues, share ideas, and provide support and assist each other in addressing and resolving socio-economic and educational related problems and concerns which may be affecting each others respective community.

LaRed Latina's primary goal is to improve and facilitate communication, cooperation, and sharing of cultural, educational, social, and economic information between these geographically remote and diverse Hispanic communities.

Through a series of directories which identify key leaders and organizations within each community, and the effective use of Listserv Networks , and other internet interactive electronic forums, LaRed Latina, will seek to develop and mobilize networks within networks in the Intermountain Region to assist in generating economic and social self-help programs and projects that will help to improve the overall quality of life of the inhabitants of these communities.

Ultimately, it is LaRed Latina's Mission to harness the power of the Internet/WWW as an instrument of social change, and socio-economic, and educational empowerment.

It is our contention that when communities are networked, their socio-political, and economic power will in turn increase exponentially. Hence, it is through the Internet/WWW, that "LaRed Latina" will seek to accomplish this goal in the Intermountain (Urban) Southwest.

If you would like to make a pledge to help us fulfill our CyberVision in America, please contact me Roberto Vazquez, CEO, LaRed Latina Net, via e-mail at, or kindly press the Donation button below.

We appreciate your interest and support, and look forward to hearing from you.

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