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UTAH: Latinos clean up community and clear up misconceptions
THE NATION: What do you call a minority that is becoming the majority? Critics call 'minority' inaccurate, obsolete
THE NATION: Hate crimes targeting Hispanics in the South
UTAH: Latino business group formed New chamber to offer support to owners of Hispanic firms
LOS ANGELES: Hispanic claims big win in L.A. mayoral race
THE NATION: Illegals burden U.S. natives, immigrants
UTAH: Hispanics cheer 'DREAM ACT'
Nevada: Census finds more graduates Still, rates vary by race, ethnicity
The Nation: Marketers to Latinos learning that one size doesn't fit all
UTAH: Many illegals 'overstays' in Utah, U.S.
UTAH: Efforts to trap terrorists ensnare illegal workers
The Nation: Hispanic voters to jump by 1 million
Las Vegas: Nevada se habla Espa�/a>. State rates high in Spanish use, and Spanish Radio Stations.
Salt Lake City: Minority advocates concerned about teen dropout rate Group discusses range of issues with lawmakers
Las Vegas: SBA workshop helps Hispanics better businesses Assistance offered to entrepreneurs
Clark County: VALLEY ECONOMY: Hispanic impact noted UNLV report cites effect on jobs, output, revenue.

The Nation: Mel Martinez urges more affordable housing: Cost not always problem for minority buyers, experts say.
The Nation: Hispanics barely visible on network TV, study finds
The Nation: Latinos sending more money home
Clark County: ECONOMIC IMPACT: Study reveals Hispanics' Economic Contributions.
Las Vegas: POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Adriana Martinez set to take helm of state Democratic Party
World and Nation: Hispanics now the largest minority
Utah: Minority dropout rate alarming But the Rodriguez brothers decided to stick it out.
The Nation: 'Kingpin' An NBC hourlong Latino drama series is mostly about "drug dealers who kill each other."
Las Vegas: Burgeoning Hispanic population growing more powerful in Las Vegas marketplace
The Nation: U.S. struggling with a shortage of bilingual teachers
Las Vegas: Hispanic fair visits Las Vegas Stop by recruiting event recognition of group's growth in school district
Las Vegas: New factories to boost local tortilla production Aranda's Tortilla Factory plants opening in Southern Nevada
Utah: Utah's Catholic Church must care for Hispanics The Catholic Church in Utah is at a crossroads
The Nation: Hispanics not getting adequate health care Also see Health Care in Utah.
Las Vegas: Column about Hispanics prompts rally outside R-JProtesters criticize Ken Ward's views
Las Vegas: Town hall meeting focuses on ways to keep Hispanic teens enrolled in school
The Nation: Latinos' spread across U.S. unprecedented By Lynette Clemetson New York Times News Service
Las Vegas: ELECTION 2002: Hispanic candidates admit challenge Minority vote alone will not win races
Las Vegas: De La Hoya's win solidifies his clout
Las Vegas: The explosion of Southern Nevada's Hispanic population over the past 10 years has transformed North Eastern Avenue into a vibrant retail district.
Las Vegas: For the first time in the Clark County School District, minority students constitute an enrollment majority.
Salt Lake City: La vida Utah: Hispanics are a vibrant part of state's culture: You can't beat Gabriel Martinez's prices. Tacos for a buck and the biggest, meatiest burritos this side of East L.A. for a mere $2.
Jose Elique : UNLV's new police chief ready for a new direction.
HOW TO STOP SMOKING IN 30 DAYS: Martin Josefino Heidegger Jr., a friend of mine, wrote this book a few years ago. The book teaches you a simple, yet powerful, step by step method to stop smoking. It is guaranteed to work -- no gimmicks.
-- Roberto Vazquez CEO, LaRed Latina Net
Don Chairez for Congress: Former judge will bring courage, integrity to Capitol "My grandfather gave up his job as a Mexican policeman because he didn't believe in taking mordidas, the `little bites,' the bribes. He moved to California and he went to work planting oleanders along the sides of the highways; I remember him saying `It's better to be an honest ditch-digger than a corrupt politician."
Utah/Nevada Border: The invisible Wendover: Today, Hispanics make up 75 percent of Wendover, making it the only Utah city where whites are the minority.
Las Vegas Powwow: A celebration that teaches American Indian culture through the arts of dance and storytelling.
LAS VEGAS: University system coping with growth. While School Districts deals with Technology Gap.
Hispanics Underrepresented in Nevada State Government: Although Hispanics comprise close to 10 percent of the population, they hold only 6 .1 percent of Nevada government jobs.
THE NATION: Time honors J.Lo, Alberto Gonzales and George Lopez
SALT LAKE CITY: Minuteman protest draws little support
THE NATION: For hire: Trucking firms reach out to Hispanics
THE NATION: The New Latino South: The Context and Consequences of Rapid Population Growth(Pew Hispanic Center).
PARK CITY, UTAH: Park City Hispanic workers scramble when resorts close
LAS VEGAS: Like mother, girl makes perilous journey to U.S.
ARIZONA: Greyhound losing business to Latino bus lines
UTAH: Centro de la Familia to celebrate 30th year of service
SAN ANTONIO: "The San Antonio COPS Revolution."
THE NATION: Census finds more Graduates: Still, rates vary by race, ethnicity
THE NATION: Top 10 Cities for Hispanics to Live In.
UTAH: Hispanic Chamber seeking director Utah's Latinos spend $3 billion annually.
UTAH: 2 Latinos earn awards Two Latinos who shine as role models, mentors and advocates for youth
Provo,Utah: Des Posorio a Democrat running for State Senate District 16
Las Vegas: Bilingual workers trained to assist Hispanic voters Census: 5 percent of population speaks Spanish
UTAH: Brown v. Board of Education, 50 years later, how equal is education for minorities?
Ogden Utah: Hispanic Chamber opens Ogden group hopes to meet needs of a growing community
Salt Lake City: Hispanic students honored 11 get $1,000 scholarships through the U o U.
THE NATION: Hernandez v. Texas 54 anti-bias ruling is hailed as milestone for Latino rights
The Nation: POLITICAL POWER: Hispanic influence growing. Henry Cisneros criticizes Bush.
Utah: U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce arrives in Salt Lake City.
Salt Lake City: LDS Church misquoted on illegals. Hispanics get LDS assurance over license bill.
Phoenix: Politicians trying to mobilize Hispanic vote. Despite numbers, Latinos don't show up on Election Day
The Nation: Former gang tough Manny Sanchez.... fights to keep Latino kids from skipping college.
Salt Lake City: Minority doctorates are scarce in Utah Only 22 top degrees awarded in 2002 to ethnic residents
Salt Lake City: Too many dropouts 'ethnic' Statistics on Utah confirm minority advocates' belief.
The Nation: U.S. Latinos and Latinas & WWII Oral History Project
Salt Lake City: Gladys Gonzalez gains American dream through Latino newspaper.
Salt Lake City: 'Main drag' is right spot for many ethnic businesses.
Las Vegas: NEVADA DMV: Licensing law draws criticism Hispanic activists say action by lawmakers discriminates against illegal immigrants
The Nation: AOL Latino opens for business Tienes e-mail?
The Nation: Hispanic numbers are still surging Georgia tops list at 17% growth; Utah posts 10%
Salt Lake City: Hispanic vote crucial: Is Rocky's minority base eroding as election nears?
Las Vegas: Regents to address debate over giving government-subsidized tuition breaks to illegal immigrants
Las Vegas: TONY F. SANCHEZ III: Lawyer works as advocate for burgeoning Hispanic community.
Nevada: EXPANDING ALLIANCE: Irish consul reaches out to Hispanics: ( Also see related LOS SAN PATRICIOS: The Irishmen who died for Mexico. )
Salt Lake City: Minority outreach: Whites taking heat:
The Nation: Affirmative action reaffirmed The Supreme Court preserves affirmative action in university admissions
The Nation: Immigrants give lives for U.S.
Salt Lake City: Tony Yapias: Hispanic appointee
plans first Official Meeting .
The Nation: Cesar Chavez on stamp New 37� issue will come out in April
Salt Lake City: Hispanic Affairs seeks a new chief , But Lee Martinez, claims the ethnic offices are underfunded and ineffective.
Utah News: Police, INS alliance alarms Heber Hispanics
Las Vegas: Hispanic star turns focus to airwaves
The Nation: Latinos' spread across U.S. unprecedented
Utah and the Nation: Health a double worry for Utah Hispanics Ailments, lack of insurance plague population group
The Nation: Edward James Olmos says history is overlooking minorities
The Nation: Latino La Prensa marks 10 years in the trenches Also see Editorial Tribute for La Prensa.
Salt Lake City: Photo show traces Utah Latino history
Salt Lake City: Hispanic growth tests commitment to fairness In total, the Spanish-surnamed population in Utah grew from 84,000 to more than 221,000.
Las Vegas: Dario Herrera, a Rising Star in Nevada Politics.
Salt Lake City: Ethnic diversity is growing: Utah's minority population has grown to 11%. Whereas in California minority populations have become the majority for the first time.
Las Vegas: Hate crime, or reporting of it, on rise in Nevada: A second consecutive year of increase in such crimes in the state goes against the national trend.
Washington D.C.: Alfred Rascon, a Vietnam Medic Receives Highest Military Honor. Latinos and(or) Chicanos are the most highly decorated ethnic group in America. 40 Latinos have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, the highest award for valor in action which can be bestowed upon an individual serving in the Armed Services of the United States.
Grants, Resources, Foundations and Residencies for the Arts.
Las Vegas Cinco de Mayo: Mexican Star Elyan in Las Vegas.
Congress-Bundestag International Student Exchange is a yearlong scholarship exchange program that sends high school students to Germany. To apply, students must be high school sophomores, juniors or seniors and have a minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale. The deadline for applications is Dec. 8th, 1998. For more information call 1-800-Teenage or contact Danielle Tergis at: cbweb@us.yfu.org .
THE AZTEC SUN STONE: Neither "Aztec," because it did not come from AZTLAN, nor a "calendar," because it was not designed to tell the date, this great monolithic sculpture is probably the greatest "history book" of the Americas.
Las Vegas: Hispanic students work to better their lives.
The Quincea-era celebration as a rite of passage.
Mexico City: Octavio Paz, a Mexican Nobel Prize Winner Reportedly Dead at Age 84. (Also see his Nobel Lecture
Las Vegas: Portraits from the Edge: The story of a woman's life and death on the streets of Las Vegas, NV.
To Promote "Diversity"; Nevada racial preference case heads to the high court.
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LAS VEGAS: Henderson, NV ranked the fastest growing city in the Nation.

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