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By Hector Mancilla Sepulveda (AMATZIN)

Nahuatl: The language of the Aztec Civilization.

      LECCIONES DE NAHUATL, by Hector Mancilla Sepulveda (AMATZIN) is a excellent elementary text for students wanting to learn basic grammar, and conversational phrases in Nahuatl . In my opinion, LECCIONES falls into category/classificationof conversational Spanish/French/German travel/tourist types of books.

      Among the items LECCIONES covers are geographical regions, and cities named in Nahuatl along the west coast, and Mexico City area. Unfortunately, the book is written in spanish. However, the book has a lot of graphic illustrations which help you to understand the content.

     So, if you are slightly versed in Spanish, you shouldn't have to much difficulty understanding the various lessons, and instructions in LECCIONES.

     The following are some examples of what you will learn in this book:

       NAHUATL                           ENGLISH
1) Papalotl                              Butterfly                                                                

2) Ixtapa                                Over/on the salt
  (Mexican west coast resort)                    

3) Mazatlan                              By or near the deer
  (Resort on the west coast)
4) Xochicalco                            In the house of flowers
  (Mexican DF Suburb)                                     

5) Coyoacan                              Place if the coyotes
  (Mexico DF Suburb)                                   

6) Nezahualcoyotl                        Hungry coyote
  (Mexico DF suburb)                        

7) Tenochtitilan                         Cacti that grow 
   (Ancient Mexico City)                 between the rocks.

8) Tepito (Mexico DF suburb)             Little, small

9) Xochimilco                            Place where there
  (Mexican Resort)                       is an over abundance  
                                         of flowers.

10) Acapulco                             Place of the large canes.
  (Mexican Resort)              

11) Cautla                               Forrest
(Mexico DF suburb)                    

12) Cuauhtemoc                           Descending Eagle

13) Chapultepec                          The grasshoppers hill

14) Azcapotzalco                         Place of the ant hill

15) Cuauhnahuac                          Near the forrest/trees
(Resort near Mexico City)      

16) Jalisco                              By or in front of the sand.
  (Mexican State)                

17) Teotihuacan                          Place where there 
  (Aztec ruins near Mexico DF)           is cosmic energy.

    To obtain information more information about LECCIONES you can contact the author at:

Sr. Hector Mancilla Sepulveda
(AMATZIN-means writer/publisher in Nahuatl)
Imprenta Hirata
Beethoven 148,
Colonia Ex-Hipodromo de Paralvillo
C.P. 06220, Mexico, D.F.
Telephone; 5-83-01-50

   Hector is a friend of mine. So if you let him know that I recommended you, I am certain he will give a good deal on the book. Postage included, the book shouldn't be over $ 15.00 U.S.A.

Saludos, Buena Suerte, y Hasta la Proxima,

-- Roberto Vazquez

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