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Top Ten Labor Unions:

  1. Culinary Workers Union Local 226 ,

    Kitchen workers, housekeepers, slot machines departments, cocktail waitresses, porters, food servers, bellmen.

    40,000 Local Members.

  2. Nevada Service Employees Union/SEIU Local 1107,

    Public Sector.

    5,000 Local Members.

  3. United Food and Commerical Workers Union, Local 711

    Grocery store retail clerks, meat cutters.

    3,049 Local Members.

  4. Teamsters Local 711,

    Construction, warehousing, plumbing supply, convention set-up/take down, freight, ready mix, plant workers.

    4,5000 Local Members.

  5. Service Employees International Union Local 1864,

    State employees.

    3,032 Local Members.

  6. I.B.E.W. Local Union 357,

    All fields of electrical work.

    1,814 Local Members.

  7. International Union of Operating Engineers Local 501,

    Building maintenance engineers in hotels, laundries, and office buildings, slot repair mechanics.

    1,500 Local Members.

  8. Teamsters Union Local 14,

    Private sector - delivery driving, warehouse: Public sector cities.

    1,500 Local Members.

  9. Musicians Union of Las Vegas,

    Musical entertainment, soloists, orchestra units, bands, duos, singles, weddings, dances, shows concerts,

    1,200 Local Members.

  10. United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 525,

    Plumbing, pipefitting, heating, cooling, service work, refrigeration, controls, pipeline distribution.

    900 Local Members.,

  11. American Postal Workers Union,

    Postal clerks, special delivery messengers, maintenance ad tractor/trailer operations.

    850 Local Members.

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