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Find out all about our LARED-L Listproc Network.

The LARED-L Listserv List: was established in the Spring of 1997 as a free and open forum where important socio-economic, cultural, educational, and political issues related to the Hispanic community could be addressed, dialoged, and debated.

"LaRed Latina of the Intermountain Southwest" in conjunction with CyberLatina.net , sponsors the LARED-L Listerv List: as a free public service for the Hispanic communities living in and around the Intermountain Southwest Region. The Latino community in this geographic region numbers well over 3 million.

Aside from being a open Discussion Electronic Listserv List, LARED-L will also serve as a forum where special Hispanic cultural, educational, and social events can be announced throughout the Intermountain Region and the Nation.

In addition, LARED-L will broadcast via the Internet, the latest professional/faculty/staff employment opportunities in colleges and universities throughout the U.S. A. Hence, LARED-L subscribers will have the first opportunity to apply and interview for many of these positions.

"LA RED" means the network in Spanish, and refers to the powerful capacity the Internet provides to link and network with people regardless of their geographical location.

The Internet/WWW, provides an "exciting new high-tech frontier for Latinos in the Intermountain and Southwest Regions to communicate with each other on important social and educational issues."

It is our contention that when communities are networked, their socio-political, educational and economic power will in turn increase exponentially. Hence, it is through the Internet/WWW, that "LARED-L" will seek to accomplish this goal in the Intermountain (Urban) Southwest.

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